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Comments made by madmacks

Bringing Health Care Debate To San Diego

What happened? Deregulation happened and a rat race formed with competitors from energy, housing, healthcare, you name it, trying to take advantage of their new financial freedoms. It's disgustingly obvious that corporations cannot and will not police themselves because greed takes precedence over moderation and altruism. Now the health insurers have too much money and it's much more affordable to compensate a few government officials and lobbyists to take care of the common man. Sad state of affairs when a few people can control the will of many but that is how it is today. Even more sad are the people who are most desperate in need for care yet defend capitalism as if they are millionaires themselves. Little do they realize they are one affliction away from a lifetime of debt - even with that shiny insurance plan.

On a side note, sorry to hear about your ordeal Vanessa. The extra stress added to your predicament cannot be helping so I hope you are finding ways to relax and let your body heal. Best to you...

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CHP Officer Says Out-Of-Control Prius Did Not Appear To Have Stuck Pedal

Sounds like someone was caught speeding and tried to find a great way to get out of a ticket and maybe get some money from Toyota.

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Hearing Set For La Jolla Children's Pool Rope Barrier

So much money wasted on litigation around the pool. Why can't people dive and swim somewhere else besides this miniscule 40 yard area. The ocean is massive and these people continue to harass the seals and burn funds that can be used for something useful towards their OWN community - waste of resources and energy all around when these types of requests are obliged by anything more than a simple letter of denial.

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New Downtown Stadium Proposed For The Chargers

It is obvious that those against the stadium are mostly people who do are not emotionally invested in the Chargers and those for the stadium are clearly fans. It's deafening to hear the mindless rhetoric and analogies instead of hard evidence, numbers, statistics regarding how a new stadium would or would not help the San Diego economy. The stadium is an investment and that should be clear to everyone. The returns will benefit to our whole community if the investment deems to be prosperous. The true argument lies within this analysis. Lets not forget that PetCo Park has greatly accelerated the reconstruction of downtown. Did anyone ever visit that area before this stadium was built? Do you remember how seedy it was?

Using PetCo park as an example the city should see exactly how much revenue the stadium has generated. You have 20-30k hungry fans sick of hot dogs pouring into downtown and if you (wondernerd) do not think that they generate copious amounts of business to those restaurants and bars then you are not fairly weighing in both sides of the coin.

The idea is to have something that generates money. Colleges have huge football programs so that they can afford to build their libraries and improve their classrooms. Yes it depends on the demographic and that is part of why a study needs to be done.

Things that should be analyzed:
- How much has PetCo generated in business to downtown ?
- How many projects have benefited downtown as a result of PetCo?
- How much revenue comes in from events outside of the Padres?
(The World Series of Baseball, Rugby Championships, Soccer, Concerts, etc.)
- Has the stadium profitable since it's construction? When will it be in the black if not already?
- If there is a new Chargers stadium, how much money will Super Bowls, BCS Bowls, Soccer, generate? Yes there will be Super Bowls and BCS Bowls in San Diego if there is a new stadium.
- list can go on and on

If the new stadium proves to attract outside money then why not? Think about it logically. If San Diego is in debt how can people ask the city to invest in something like a new Library that has no financial return. Invest wisely, generate grown and wealth, then provide the citizens with the social foundation to promote art, culture, and education.

If they can find another way to do with w/o a stadium then I'm all ears but until then I don't see a better way to please both sides in the long run. Every one is clamoring for a professional football team for a reason so we should be somewhat appreciative we have at least that. For now.

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Reflecting On A Decade Of Stem Cell Research

This article is very poorly researched and written in a sensationalistic manner resulting in a backhanded slap to pioneers in stem cell research.

"But to obtain them, a human embryo must be destroyed." I realize this is written for dramatic effect but this is careless and damaging. No matter which side one is regarding stem cells, this does nothing but infuriates those who know too little and those who are following the research every day.

Not only can stem cells be harvested from skin as you mention but they can be harvested from Adipose-Derived Stem and Regenerative Cells (ADRCs) or fat cells to aid tissue regeneration in the breast and heart. Cytori Therapeutics in our own backyard, Sorrento Valley has been making huge strides in this field. International Stem Cell Corp. in Oceanside uses Parthenogenesis which results in the creation of pluripotent human stem cell lines from unfertilized human eggs without the transfer of foreign DNA thus eliminating the ethical dilemma. Lastly On August 23, 2006, the online edition of Nature scientific journal published a paper by Dr. Lanza stating that his team had found a way to extract embryonic stem cells without destroying the actual embryo, deriving a stem cell line using a process similar to preimplantation genetic diagnosis, in which a single blastomere is extracted from a blastocyst. Dr Lanza is leading Advanced Cell Technologies in reversing Age-related macular degeneration (blindness). If their IND is approved they will be ready for clinical trials and will most likely be the first company to successfully implement stem cells in an FDA approved study as Geron has had setbacks and the human eye is the safest medium against proliferation and spread of mutations.

Irving Weissman, MD, director of Stanford’s Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine and Virginia & D.K. Ludwig Professor for Clinical Investigation in Cancer Research put it best, “Instead of facts, the NIH placed its own version of ethics in place of the president’s clear proclamation. As head of the National Academy of Sciences' panel that unanimously endorsed research using SCNT, and as a drafter of the guidelines for the International Society for Stem Cell Research, I know that this suggested ban on federal funding of SCNT-derived human embryonic stem cell lines is against our policies and against President Obama’s March 9 comments. The NIH has not served its president well.”

America once paved the way for such innovations but now we are lacking in almost every field; sustainable energy, data infrastructure, public transport. Do not let stem cells be the next failure of our time.

-Max V.

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