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Comments made by madoc

Scientists Weigh In On The Politics Of Climate Change

Ed Joyce's segment was one of the most grossly biased, incomplete and factually incorrect pieces of propaganda that KPBS has run in a long while.

It featured comment from only two individuals about this issue and both of them are highly partisan on it. It did not even make an attempt at allowing a dissenting view nor even acknowledging that such a thing exists about “global warming” other than to have one of the individuals, Richard Somerville, declare that only conservatives and Republicans are in opposition to the global warming movement.

As a registered Democrat I take great exception to such blatant lies such as this. I also find it absolutely amazing that KPBS would allow such a criminal as Michael Mann to make comment on global warming. Mr. Mann created the infamous “Hockey Stick Graph” which purported to show a global warming trend. Upon further examination it was revealed that Mann deliberately configured his data to show only global warming and then went further by deliberately configuring his climate model to also only show global warming.

At first this was dismissed as simple ineptitude on his part. Since the revelation of all those emails and files from the Climate Research Unit in England however, it is now apparent that Mann was willful, deliberate and malicious in his forcing a global warming trend where none actually exists. Mann’s actions are not just incorrect, they are fraudulent and criminal.

Joyce's having him comment on the “science and politics” of global warming is like handing Bernie Madoff your life’s savings and expecting him to do anything other than steal it from you. At least Madoff only ripped his investors off, Mann and his AGW gang are trying to rip off the entire world with their global warming scam.

And you folks are KPBS are aiding and abetting it.

Ed Joyce’s piece was full of lies, half truths, distortions, and baseless “science.” You made no attempt at accurately portraying the complexities of this issue nor the factual history of it. Instead, you produced a propaganda piece pushing the global warming lie.

I’d hoped for better from KPBS.

November 30, 2009 at 4:38 p.m. ( | suggest removal )