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Comments made by maggiepie

Council Votes To Accept San Diego Mayor Bob Filner's Resignation

It's appalling to hear speaker after speaker decry a lack of due process, characterize the allegations against Bob Filner as unsubstantiated, blame the victims and otherwise apologize for his behavior. I admire Bob Filner's political record, but his public behavior and its negative impact on city governance cannot be tolerated, for at least these reasons:

1. Filner participated in a mediation and agreed to a settlement. If he wanted to go to trial, he could do so. He chose to settle instead. Nothing more is required for due process to be served.

2. He has admitted to the allegations made by the plaintiffs and other women. There is no better substantiation of their claims than that.

3. Yes, people such as the women complainants can and should defend themselves and stand up for their rights. However, whether or when they do so in no way excuses the actions they suffered. Nor are their motivations for bringing Filner's misbehavior to light pertinent in deciding the consequences Filner should suffer for it.

4. Whatever Filner's political accomplishments have been--and they have been many--this is clearly a man with an unhealthy and completely inappropriate compulsion whose practice demonstrates disregard for women and the rule of law. This isn't a lynching, it's an evaluation of admitted misbehavior and Filner's character. San Diegans have the right to decide if they want him in a position of power under those circumstances.

5. Since he has apparently already agreed to resign, he should be allowed to do so and the city allowed to put this ugliness behind it.

August 23, 2013 at 4:01 p.m. ( | suggest removal )