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Comments made by malcolm

Italy Invites Ethnic Italians In San Diego To 'Come Back Home'

Let me clear up some misinformation in the article:

1. No one is "becoming" an Italian citizen through this process, but rather their already existing Italian citizenship is being recognized by the Italian government. Under Italian law, many people of Italian descent living abroad are citizens from birth. (Millions probably in the US alone.) If such a person presents sufficient evidence, such as vital records, to the Italian government to prove that they are in fact citizens, the Italian government will register them as citizens in Italy. It is not naturalization. Since such a person has been a citizen from birth, any of their children previously born are citizens, too.

2. The Italian government has not been especially promoting or encouraging this process, as they've always had such provisions in their laws going back to the 19th century. There has been an explosion in interest over the past decade due to this information becoming widely available on the internet, causing Italian consulates to become inundated with applications for citizenship recognition. If anything, they have been taking steps to make the process more difficult in the past couple of years to cut down on the number of such recognitions.

3. You do not need to hire anyone to help you through this process. There's plenty of detailed free information on various websites devoted to it. For example, there is this one:

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