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Comments made by malston

Public Broadcasting Legend Huell Howser Dies

There were 2 aspects of Huell's broadcasts that made me a forever fan. He took me to places within driving distance of my home that I could surely visit if I had the time to do so, but which I know it is unlikely I will ever visit. Places like each of the "corners" of CA state, the geographic center of CA state, etc. He introduced us to unknown people in obscure places who have lived marvelous lives, and he did it professionally, with respect and class.

Also, more importantly, Huell's broadcasts reflected nothing but GOOD. The good things in CA, the good in CA's citizens, and good treatment of others. When compared with some the other shows being aired and hyped today, like Joan Rivers on Fashion Police, or Chelsea Handler on Chelsea Lately. These shows show us how to seek out and bring to light the WORST in each other.

Dana Eyraud's post on 1/7/2013 said it so well: "Your shows taught more, much more... kindness, sharing, consideration, manners, respect and unconditional love for all. Mr. Howser, you were a true gentleman, a commodity, which in this old world seems harder and harder to find."

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