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Comments made by mandydnam

Bill Proposes Tax On Sodas

Why stop (or start) with high caloric soda when most "diet" soda drinkers are actually obese?

If you want to curtail childhood obesity you must make wholesome foods affordable.

A walk down the cereal isle and it doesn't take long to see that the "most economic" in terms of price per box, are those cereals which are full of sugar and without much nutrition (ironically they often come with a prize).

Same goes for the juice isle, sugar water with juice flavors is cheaper to produce, and purchase, than actual juice. Again with prepared food items. It is cheaper to buy three large frozen pizzas than it is to buy 3 pieces of chicken.

Look at the price of milk - Monning does not need to tax sweet/high caloric soda he needs to encourage an increase in production, so as to lower the price of; milk, and juice, and chicken, and fish, and veggies, and fruit, etc.

We need to produce more produce in this country and when it is fresh aromatic and full of vitamins our kids will want to eat it instead of the chemically treated-lacking nutrition-food-stuffs which are marketed to them currently. Then obesity and sugary soda won't be a problem.

One final thought... if we have bred animals and plants to grow more and grow faster... and we consume these plants and animals that grow more and grow faster.

Should we be surprised that our children are doing the same?

After-all you are what you eat.

February 17, 2011 at 7:01 p.m. ( | suggest removal )