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Comments made by maren

City Council Shows Strong Support For Tourism Marketing District

Hi philosopher3000. I am not a fake account. My name is Maren and I am a real person. I work for the non-profit organization that has marketed San Diego for the past 60+ years, the San Diego Tourism Authority (formerly known as the San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau). I am posting because I believe what we do (marketing San Diego as a destination for potential visitors) is important for the city of San Diego and benefits everyone who lives here.

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City Council Shows Strong Support For Tourism Marketing District

Dialyn: I would love for you to look into the facts surrounding this discussion more: Tourism marketing is a standard, not a luxury. If the TMD funding is not released, San Diego will become the ONLY major city in the US to not have a destination marketing organization. This would hurt San Diego’s economy greatly. Read the very famous case study in Colorado, “What Happens When You Stop Marketing? The Rise and Fall of Colorado Tourism” by Dr. Bill Siegel of Longwoods International. It illustrates what happened when Colorado cut its $12 million promotion budget to zero. As a result, Colorado’s domestic market share plunged 30%, representing a loss of over $1.4 billion in tourism revenue annually and countless jobs. We don’t want that to happen in San Diego!
Please also realize that the San Diego Tourism Authority (the non-profit that receives 80% of the TMD funding in order to promote San Diego) does not only run commercials, it handles a wide variety of sales and marketing initiatives in order to keep San Diego top choice in the minds of travelers through every medium possible. We have a Public Relations team that produces more than $15 million a year in UNPAID media (How do you think the New York Times heard about Chicano Park and Barrio Logan?) as well as a robust social media presence. Our Sales team makes sure conventions keep choosing to come to our city instead of our neighbors such as Anaheim or Las Vegas, and last year produced 740,000 room nights through their hard work. This type of work is not a scheme that makes rich people richer; it is a viable piece of San Diego’s tourism industry with a proven track record of success. As an employee for the SDTA, I love San Diego VERY much. I eat, sleep and breathe this city. I also make a happy-but-humble middle class income. Please, read more facts, and feel free to ask me any questions you may have. I love San Diego and wish only to serve it and generate more new dollars in San Diego's economy through my work.

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