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Comments made by maryanne_pintar

Port Commissioner Claims U-T CEO Threatened Him; CEO Says Not True

We have repeatedly objected to the assertion that Scott Peters “deleted” any emails. That is not true.
At the time of the Dole lease vote, Peters forwarded a part of an email from John Lynch to Port staff for an answer to a question, and to ensure that Mr. Lynch could follow up if he had additional questions. The issue was whether the Dole lease could be terminated before the end of the term. The rest of the email exchange was not relevant to the question that Peters had.
Weeks later, when a reporter asked the Port for records, the Port turned over all of the records in its possession, including the partial email exchange described above.
Yesterday, when a reporter asked Scott Peters if there was any more background, he provided the entire exchange, without regard to whether it was a public or private record. He was happy to do so.
It was never deleted. How could KPBS have it if it had been deleted?

September 27, 2012 at 4:06 p.m. ( | suggest removal )