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Comments made by marybethmccabe

Mayor Sanders Launches Energy Conservation Program

This program ends today. If you know anyone who qualifies, please have them check it out right now! The offer will expire after midnight. Prices have come down, yes, and this is a discount further, which still includes the rebates. Some of the contractors are only asking for less than $100.

October 20, 2011 at 12:53 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Home Energy Audit Finds Potential Savings For Homeowner

For those who get a pencil and try to figure the payback, they need to pencil in something else, the value upon resale. (studies have shown increased value) That $5k she invests now could be worth $10k in increased revenue (i.e. value) when your home finally goes on the market, for your kids or grandkids or even you. That's a better return than the market pays or interest pays in the bank.And the $300 in savings today could be a savings of double that after increases to our energy bills year after year. Have you visited ? That special program is good until Oct 20, so worth checking for two minutes. They are able to answer your questions in person, and not try to sell you anything, either. Best of both worlds.
Last question, do you expect a payback on your vehicle?

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