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San Diego School Year To End One Week Early Next Year

Back on topic... (although you make many excellent points BobRooney!).
I find it interesting that they cut only the traditional school year and not the modified year-round schedule. It's bad enough that they the days they close to cut are days with staff/student contact. Lazy, sneaky union leadership and membership.
What I'm told is that they tacked 3 days onto our already long spring break and "gave" the students a 4-day weekend in June 2011. The students still get out July 21, 2011.

Also more bad news; I also heard that Camille Zombro & Co. plan to start the fall 2011 semester in mid-August, instead of the traditional day after Labor Day start.
Who the hell does she represent? Is there no dissent? I guess not... the spineless union rank & file teachers don't dare defy Camille.
Off with her head! (It's a literary phrase, not a literal request...).

May 25, 2010 at 1:50 p.m. ( | suggest removal )