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Comments made by mattcbruno

S.D. Unified Officials Discuss Budget Cuts, Community-Based School Reform

With Prop J receiving just about 50% support it is clear there's a push from many in community to support San Diego's schools, however in a very "tax sensitive" time it's not really hard to see why it failed. While funding schools is of course a big concern, many families in San Diego simply cannot afford the additional tax burden in already lean times. So how can we increase funding to schools without increasing the tax burden?

What about partnering with local businesses and using a portion of their existing expenses to directly fund San Diego schools?

There is a program run by a San Diego based company called Swipe the Cause ( which does just that. The Swipe the Cause program allocates a portion of a business’s existing monthly credit card expense towards San Diego Unified School District to help bring revenue back into the district without relying on politics. With this program, a business could be donating more in one month than they would have with Prop J in an entire year – without additional taxes or expenses. Plus the Swipe the Cause program helps to spur local spending, improving the bottom line of local San Diego businesses.

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