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Comments made by mattman

Bonnie Dumanis Says She Deserves Pension, Supports Eliminating Pensions For Future Workers

This is confusing. Will Dumanis collect a pension or not when she retires? The topic is covered pretty well and then in the last sentence it says she won't enter the pension system? What is all the banter about if she is not even going to enter into the pension plan? People of San Diego should be voting for her big time. She is a true representative of the city. She will serve out of her capacity to serve and will donate her entire salary back to the community where she wants to and will not be another weight on the back of an already stumbling crippled pension fund that should never have been instituted in the first place. She is willing to do the job as was intended to be done when the country was formed. As an honor to be selected and for minimal compensation. Even though the job pays way too much for a job where you are supposed to be running in order to guide the city in its best interests and not because it pays good and has good benefits or perks. She will utilize her position to foster her relationships for when she goes into the private sector doing what she wants to. She is networking

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Nathan Fletcher Signed Anti-Tax Pledge In 2007, Says He Would Not Sign It Now

I think allowing government to steal more and more of the people's money they labor for in order to spend it in ways they choose is just plain wrong. To sign that document was a good thing done in the best interests of the people of California. And he is right to set it aside in order to prevent tax increases in what ever form that effects his constituents as a whole. Taxes in any form are detrimental to the overall wealth and prosperity of the city but allowing higher tax burdens to fester for in state business v. out of state is unfair and unlawful on so many levels. And his belief of temporary taxes is deceptive. Governments will rarely allow any decrease to remain any significant amount of time so they can maintain the same level of revenue coming in.This is wrong on so many levels to do that. It happens all the time across the country and is disgusting and a terrible act of elected city councils.

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Unscrambling The Impact Of Prop B

How many other cities in California have their retirement system setup with the government employees able to opt out or not be eligible to participate in the social security ponzi scheme? I thought Galveston, Texas was the only place in the country that is permitted. This ability the government sector workers have to avoid social security in San Diego, is the private sector employee also allowed this and thus able to also retain his labor compensation to invest as he sees fit or to not invest and use as they desire? Is government employee forced to contribute a set amount or can they opt out of contributions and retain their labor compensation? Really curious about these things. This separation really shows precedence that the several states are their own nations each their own republic to govern as they(the citizens) wish to govern their lives within the California republic nation (guaranteed under the Constitution of the U.S. and also in the California Constitution I believe)and not as the federal government wishes to govern usually without regard for the nationals of California republic.

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