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Comments made by mavric

New Law Requires Whooping Cough Vaccine

Another cow to the slaughter...

The first impossibility is that vaccines don’t contain the original microbe associated with the natural disease. Vaccines contain a manmade mutated version of the bug, created in a laboratory. This mutation is what is getting injected into our infants. It is impossible for such a mutation to confer immunity to any natural disease, even if the entire Germ Theory were proven fact.

So that’s the first problem. Glib vax ad copy answers that the vaccine’s immunity is temporary and that’s why 5 or 6 separate shots are needed. But there is no actual proof for that contention – it’s all theoretical, and coincidentally very strongly supports the sale of more shots.

But in the past decade a new problem has arisen. In various areas of the US there have been several outbreaks of whooping cough, for which there still is no cure. And every time that happens the local community’s only response is – you guessed it – yet another dose of DTaP. The tragedy is that since the vast majority of the kids who get the disease have already received multiple doses of the vaccine throughout childhood, it is almost certain that this new version of whooping cough is the direct result of so many doses of the vaccine for all these decades now. As with all vaccines, the shot doesn’t contain the bug associated with the original disease, but rather a mutated version created in the laboratory. It’s likely that the accumulated dissemination of these shots all these decades have caused outbreaks of an entirely new manmade verison of whooping cough. Unvaccinated kids almost never get whooping cough.

To reiterate, whooping cough was gone, we started vaccinating, we quintupled the dosage of the vaccine, a new whooping cough emerged, and now the cure is supposed to be another dose.

So not only does the DTaP vaccine not work, it is almost certainly the cause of an entirely new version of pertussis breaking out. Vaccine-caused diseases — nothing new– the CDC has admitted for years that vaccines are the primary cause of other diseases, including polio and measles.

Where the story loses all scientific credibility is when the kids who get the new whooping cough are given another DTaP booster shot. This is preposterous. Even if vaccines worked and triggered the immunity they are advertised to do, no vaccine scientist would ever claim a curative effect from a vaccine. In other words, they would never say once you have a disease that a vaccine can cure you. That is impossible. The only ones who would make such a ludicrous and superstitious claim would be irresponsible people in clinics selling shots, and also lawmakers, like the uneducated, unscientific people in government who dreamed up a marketing ploy like Assembly Bill 354.

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