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Comments made by maysalee

Book Review: 'The Hunger Games'

listen, i'm fourteen years old and i read the -great- books six months ago.(and still, cause i bought them) i'm dutch, i don't know or i'm different to american children, (although i've noticed some time before that in foreighn countries most dutch children were seen older then they were, and when i was a couple years ago in england, i played only with 15-16 year olds, couse the 11-12 year olds were so childisch there)
i dont't think the books are to mutch violent ( i've read worser before) and i think it is the opposite, espiacially in mockingjay you see the consequences what all the violence had done to katniss, peeta, finnick, annie cresta, haymitch and all the others. and you really get the message that this must not happen.
but now going to the movie, or movies like some already say, i think it is good from the age of alround 10, cause they get the storie then. but it depents ofcourse of the child, everyone is different. i think the movie is going to be great, i saw footage of jennifer lawrence before, and she is a great actrice. i don't really know the others, but i think they are gonna do a great job, too.

and about your opinion that sex is mutch worse than violence, i don't know if i agree. if sex is not used as abuse, but as part of love, what is the problem? i mean, in titanic, for example there is violence, love, sex, nudity (although you can't real see it, but you know whats happening, you know what i mean) and that didn't had an age rating, right?
i'm a great fan of the hungergames, and i want that it's made exactly like the books (when it is possible) and that everyone has a chance to see it, and that that chance don't goes away by some silly american, who are thinking that children are baby's and don't know what's going on in the world.

i can't wait till the movie!

p.s. i'm not a native speaker, and i only have english lessons at school for tree years (that leurning to count and that stuff on the primary school i don't count) so don't see my mistakes in englisch, but see what i've written. thank you!

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