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San Diego Federal Workers Want Congress To Wrap Up The Shutdown

CA Defender,

So I knew back in 1980 that the government was broke and should not have taken a job with them. Should not have shown up, worked, learned, contributed, and presumed that doing my job was a good thing. Should have gone somewhere else. Well maybe so, but I DID have a job, did it and according to the majority of my reviews did it well.

Based on your post, all government employees should be fired since the "company" is bankrupt. So no more military, no food inspection, no interstate roads and bridges, no social security, no medicare, no public health (CDC), nothing.

There are plenty of problems with the federal government, but just turning off all the lights and calling it a day is not what needs to be done. Oh and by the way most states, several counties and cities are also bankrupt or close to it. So I guess that means fire all teachers, cops, firemen, etc., as well

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The Women Who Accused Filner Talk About Coming Forward

So we have a woman who founded her own company, strong, independent, wondering "I thought—is this the world we are leaving to our daughters?" Yes, you are if you didn't want to come forward at the time, 2005, because you were trying to get into politics and Filner was known as a vindictive person.
Since you (and others) didn't bring it up through his superiors (and yes even Congressmen have superiors) and didn't want to bring charges, even though there were many witnesses BACK IN 2005 he would not have been able to continue his totally inappropriate behavior for the following 8 YEARS! This is why women are their own worst enemy, even those who have some power do not use it for the betterment of all because of selfish reasons.

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Mickelson To Discuss 'Drastic Changes' Over Taxes

CalDef - So I was right you don't look at your tax returns. Everyone has the standard deduction and personal exemption. Plug those in for a married couple making a total of $75K and my figures are accurate. Look at the IRS tax tables. Even if their TAXABLE income (after the standard deduction and exemptions) were $75K they would only pay $10,800 in federal tax.
Questions Everywhere - I am sure Mickelson has MANY deductions but my point was that the example amounts given by CalDef was WAY off. Also at his level of income Mickelson will be limited by the AMT.

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Mickelson To Discuss 'Drastic Changes' Over Taxes

CalDef, it is obvious you have either never paid taxes or never looked at your tax return. With your example of a married couple earning a total of $75K with a $300K home "mortgaged to the hilt" there is NO WAY they are paying $21K to the fed and $6K to CA. You got SS/Medicare/Property tax right but the primary income taxes are ridiculously incorrect. I also sincerely doubt that a family making $75K spends $20K in taxable purchases, more likely most of their income is going to that mortgage payment and food (no sales tax).

$75,000 Married filing jointly (with no children) would pay at most $7,500 in federal and $2,000 in CA income tax. Assuming they have the "average" 1.9 children it drops to $6,300 federal and $1,900 CA. This is an ACTUAL tax rate of 10% federal and 2.67% CA adding the 7.65% SS/Medicare and 1.125% property tax for a total of 21.445%. With 1.9 children 8.4% federal and 2.5% CA adding the same SS/Medicare/Property it is 19.675%.

So that means not including sales tax your married couple are paying a total of $16K or $14.8K. Allowing a more likely $10K in purchases add about $800 in sales tax. Per your other posts still high but I couldn't let it just lay there that your average family was paying your inaccurate tax amounts. To have to pay $21K to the fed for income tax a married couple filing jointly would have to have $135K in combined income or $143K with those 1.9 kids. BTW none of these figures allow for any of those deductions such as mortgage/charity/child/education or all of the myriad others.

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Brown's Budget: Calif. Rebounding With Tax Hikes

How much does Governer Brown's budget reduce the debt of the billions and billions in proposition costs? As I understand it, it barely covers the minimum required payments. That is like paying only the minimum on your personal credit card. Read your statement. If that is all you do it will take decades to pay off your debt and thousands in additional cost. This is not a balanced budget this is a copout.

Keep this in mind when you are told that a proposition will not increase your taxes. Of course not, they are never paid off, just the required minimum interest is paid in Brown's budget.

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USD Cancels Visit Over Academic's Same-Sex Marriage Support

As a CATHOLIC University USD is REQUIRED to follow established church doctrine. If you choose to attend a CATHOLIC learning institution you already know this, read the USD mission and vision statements. It should not be a surprise that opinions contrary to current church teaching are inappropriate and not allowed. If you choose to attend USD and are NOT Catholic I would presume the reason to be you believe it is a great school, after all it isn't cheap. That doesn't mean you get to try and change their policy.
As a Catholic, I have a much harder time understanding how other supposed Catholic institutions such as Georgetown and Notre Dame can have speakers who are prominently anti-Catholic.

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Mom Of Slain Former SEAL Killed In Libya Lashes Out At Romney (Video)

Well I was planning on commenting on this story but from all of the other comments apparently we aren't talking about that.

If we were talking about the actual story my comment would be that I don't see where Doherty's mother says it is a lie that her son met Mitt Romney or that Romney spoke about normal life things such as skiing and military service with her son, just that she doesn't like Romney talking about him. I am sorry for her loss but I am pretty sure she doesn't mind other people talking about her son, just Romney.

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Fewer Californians Like High Speed Rail or New Pension Law

Derek are you comparing apples to apples? Is your quoted $158 billion on airports and freeways supporting the same destinations as the HSR? Personally I do not have the need to get from LA to SF quickly on a regular basis and although the idea of getting to Vegas quickly is appealing I don't think the taxpayers should be footing the bill. I am wondering what your $158 billion is based on?

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Hunter Announces Bill Punishing States That Give Driver's Licenses To Undocumented Immigrants

Your Social Security card is specified as a NON-ID card. In many states the driver's license is used as the government issued photo ID required for many, many things these days. However, if they are given to individuals who are not legal residents then the drivers license will not/cannot be used and EVERYONE will need to get a separate government issued photo ID that is not the driver's license. Check with Arizona.

That said, the license for these individuals can be made distinct from the current license to ensure it is used only for driving. Underage licenses are distinct, these can be too.

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Four Camp Pendleton Marines Accused Of Beating Gay Man (Video)

Re-read Gchristian's comment, Len. He stated the previous post had nothing to do with THIS story and then his comment of "they will get burnt by they system" meant if guilty they will be punished. and ended with "It will come down to context, situation and intent."

The facts will be adjudicated in a court of law not on a comment board.Seems YOUR bias is showing.

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