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Comments made by mccrobs

LGBT Students Protected at Cal State San Marcos and SDSU

Now there's a lot of talk, thank goodness, about protecting gay students from bullying but major contributors to the bullying are: our federal government with it's Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy for gays in the military and the City of San Diego which refuses to remove the Boy Scouts of America from the pristine property it enjoys in Balboa Park when it discriminates against gay people and those who don't believe in God. This violates the city's Human Dignity Ordinance.
I point this out for the OB Rag in this piece, "Does America's Finest City Care About the Tyler Clementi's of the World":
My question is why doesn't the local media question our elected officials as to "Why" the Boy Scouts are allowed to stay in the park when they represent the opposite of protecting gay students from bullying?
As they say, "I'll take the answer off the air."
Ernie McCray

October 11, 2010 at 10:53 a.m. ( | suggest removal )