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Comments made by mcgahheyrc

Escondido Residents Use Video To Document Police Efforts

I cannot comment on the legality of traffic check points as I'm not a lawyer. But lets remember the key word in this whole discussion, "ILLEGAL". The people being arrested at these checkpoints are here illegally. I dont think I need to post the definition since there is little interpretation necessary. Why are we as a nation of laws allowing ILLEGAL imigrants to dictitate public policy. Having lived previously lived in South Carolina I understand the implicataions undocumented workers have on the economy. The answer is not mass deportation of people that are established in the community and contributing, hopefully positively, to the community. We need to bring those already here into the fabric of our nation. That beiing said, unitl we have a poilcy that is established through the proper legislative procedures we need to deal with those discovered in the counrty illegally with the curent laws we have. Making this issue about unreasonable search and seizure is ridiculous. Let's focus our efforts on following the laws we have, or changing them when necessary, instead of trying to take the focus off the real issue of ILLEGAL immigration. Proposing the idead that our law enforcement professionals are the bad guys is just ridiculous! (Key words in this last sentence: LAW ENFORCEMENT. Thats what they do, they enforce the law!)

February 1, 2011 at 7:52 a.m. ( | suggest removal )