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Comments made by mdd2012

Students Arrive In San Diego After A Semester At Sea

I was one of those students that got off that day and it was the greatest experience of my life. Colleges should really advertise this program more in their schools. It is worth the money and gives you the network of a lifetime. They are right 10% of the students do think it is a party and its sad to see that but the majority of us went on this trip for an EPIC Voyage and that is something that all SPRING 2012 SAS students and previous voyagers should be proud of. I did more on this trip than most students would do if they were studying in Europe. The number one thing i truly learned if nothing else is being in the moment. You learn more when you place down a cellphone, camera or other devices and enjoy the moments that you are actually in. It's a lifetime worth of experiences and lessons in literally three months while you are taking college courses at the same time.

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