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Comments made by mechengr

Four More Women Accuse Filner

I don't get it. Some people, Filner included, think that he is a funny boy, a prankster. He is a SEXUAL PREDATOR. Some women do not want to be alone in a room with him. No woman should want to be in a room with him, alone or accompanies. He is a disgrace and an embarassment to the city. He should not represent the city at meetings with other mayors or other government officials or, for that matter anyone at all. He should resign or be drummed out of office.

Women have not come forward in the past because of fear of retribution. Now they do not have to worry about that. They are not alone and they are essentially immune to anything that this predator can do to them.

Get rid of this guy. Do not listen to him or meet with him or pay any attention to him. Do not put him on the radio or TV or give him any air time.

UGH!!! What a mess the city will have until he is ousted. Hurry!!!

July 25, 2013 at 8:50 p.m. ( | suggest removal )