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Comments made by michaelnoon

Film Club: 'Kick-Ass'

Hi Beth:

I've long maintained that comics have been and, in some cases, continue to be...a great pop-cultural repository of the best movements in art, literature, film, etc; comics absorb virtually everything around them and, oftentimes, reproduce these movements in more palatable ways.

You're going to find amazing artwork, fine art, in comics; you're going to find philosophy, spirituality, mythology, psychology, sexuality; you're going to find Aristotle's poetics - comics use it all, a great mirror of society and culture, unpretentiously.

Both my parents were English teachers. When I was growing up, I was allowed to read comics because my parents deemed them "literate" and because looking at the art was teaching me to draw; in fact, much of the "purple prose," overwriting, of comics - my parents felt - was, at least, a terrific vocabulary lesson. Comics are the Cliffs Notes of every major discipline.

This is not to say that all comics achieve this - some are awful - but, generally speaking, comics get to make perfect 2-minute rock-n-roll songs out of otherwise unruly symphonies.

If you look at comics and see only fighting and spandex, you're not looking closely enough.

So, yes, comics are a worthy source for film adaptations!


Michael Noon

April 29, 2010 at 2:35 p.m. ( | suggest removal )