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Comments made by miguelb

What Role Does U.S. Play In Mexico's Drug War?

Dear Neighbors, I am Mexican from TJ, I think I know a few things on the subject.I believe both of you are right about several things, but I have to disagree with David We are a "Failed State".Mexico Does lack of Political Values, what I don´t agree is about you generalizing that "Mexicans" don´t have the will to change: Quoting you" This is partly why Mexicans don't even try to change things in their country. They are proud to be Mexican, but not enough to fight for change. You ask a Mexican about this and they'll reply, "This is the way it's always been in Mexico."
May I ask you sir, what kind of fight have you started for your country? what change have you done?, I can describe you as a proud American, nothing wrong with that, but Americans, are the biggest Drug consumers in the world, we happen to be geographically located next to you, so, as long as demand exists, the offer will continue going and growing.
In this drug war, there is a political interest that cannot be ignored by Mexicans, it is clear that the cartel is protected, but still, Americans need there drugs and they still contribute to this fictitious drug war, not only Marihuana, but cocaine, heroin, and other synthetic drugs on the market, What is your position here, do you need your fix? It would be stupid for me to generalize. America happens to be number one consumer, that makes us number one providers, we both form part of the same hypocrisy David. This can´t be hidden from us, America loves to expose Mexico on the media and love to point fingers at Mexico, who supplies Mexico with weapons?, the American military sir..
Clearly our governments want´s us to be proud Americans or proud Mexicans, but that is impossible, I am not proud of what my country forms part of, you should not be also, the drug problem is one of Americas others political interventions.
I am proud of my family oriented culture, I am proud of my work, I am proud of my values and traditions, not of my leaders and their mistakes.
I don´t consider myself a sheep, and I won´t fight or try to be hero.
What i will do; give the best of example to my family, i will give example to other citizens, not with words or judgement, but with work, we both have great nations, and I refuse to focus all of my energy to a "greed war" that is hosted by Politicians (Mexican And American)
I Love the U.S, not all Americans are Drunken Spring Breakers or Believe everything the media says, same as Mexicans, not all of us are slackers. There is change, a change that needs to be implemented to the next generations, a battle that will only be won with education and good example, both things cannot be given by our governments, they are too busy creating a war along with the U.S. creating fear and doubt.
We cannot change things in our country, because the word democracy is only a word here, leave the fight to them.We got our own battles to fight, not one based on corruption (American & Mexican)
Change sir, is within.

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