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Comments made by mikecrouse

Governor Wants To Take Raising Taxes Straight To Voters

We are rapidly becoming a serfdom. The percentage of home owners is declining along with the level of education among young people entering the workforce. The wealthy have benefitted from this economic crisis at the expense of the so called middle class. Try living on the 30k or so "average, before tax income in the S.D. area".This is higher than the national average.
I see entry level applicants at my company, with post grad degrees, being offered salaries in the LOW 20's. The very wealthy are consolidating their wealth, moving to secure enclaves and offshoring their incomes and production.Don't even get me started on the thousands of mid level "managers" in small government, whose salaries are North of $200,000. and are taking FULL PENSIONS after as little as 5 years. See-DaveCowles, City of Vista- former Supt. of Schools, now City Councilman. Art Gonzales comes to mind as well(Tri City Hospital). Apparently not enough people have lost their homes for us to have an "Arab Spring". Those who believe it cannot happen here- are fools.

December 6, 2011 at 12:39 p.m. ( | suggest removal )