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Comments made by mikefry

Calif. Supreme Court Denies Dronenberg's Request To Halt Same-Sex Marriages

The State of CA tried to defend Prop 8 in court and LOST. Then, the State chose to not appeal. They had no obligation to do so. Your nut-job friends appealed "for" the State of CA to the 9th Circuit AND LOST. SCOTUS determined your friends did not have standing to appeal, which means they not only lost, they double down lost, or triple down lost. See? They lost and lost again. And, then the Supreme Court said they had no reason to be even IN the fight. And, yet, they continue to squander donor dollars and tax dollars on these frivolous suits. I think you should have to pay ALL of the court costs for the State when you lose. And, I think you should lose your job.

Also - to add to my prior outrage... he is suggesting that a federal court needed to decide. In fact a federal court DID decide. SCOTUS, after deciding this man's "friends" did not have "standing" to appeal, the remanded the case BACK to the 9th Circuit (the federal court that had already ruled Prop 8 to be unconstitutional). The 9th Circuit then decided to immediately lift the stay that was in place to block same sex marriages. That decision came from a FEDERAL court.

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