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Breaking News: 7.1 Magnitude Quake Kills 44 As Buildings Collapse In Mexico (Posted 09/19/17 at 2:06 p.m.)

Comments made by mini39

Whooping Cough, Experts Say Vaccinate

You could have done a public service- instead you did the opposite.

You shouldn't air the OPINIONS of so many hysterical lunatics who are anti-vaccination! The science and medicine of immunization is sound. As an educator, how dare that woman impose her beliefs on me, and risk my health.

How about educators who may have reduced immune function? Just let them die so you can give your kiddies honey and cheap home medicine?

Furthermore, thinking resistance can be passed on to following generations!!!!
Science teachers have failed if Lamarkism has supplanted Darwinism. *gasp*

Not surprising in a town that lobbies against "Toilet to Tap."

As an elementary teacher, I hope I am not one of the real victims of today's broadcast and the caller's beliefs. I hope science, community and reason win out.


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