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Comments made by mkeim

Is Whooping Cough Vaccine Working?

I would be very interested in seeing more details of the data you studied. Earlier this summer, I looked at a small number of cases (28) that I was able to pull from public reports. What I found was that those contracting pertussis but considered up-to-date on their DTaP shots (22 of the 28) averaged age 10.5. The booster shot is recommended at age 11 (as is consistent with your definition of DTAP DUE).
My brief analysis suggests to me that perhaps many of the vaccinated children that are contracting the disease are those whose immunity from the initial doses has declined significantly as they near the age at which the booster is recommended and that the booster shot is not being given at an early enough age.
I would be curious to see the age distribution of the individuals in the UTD group in the data that you collected.

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