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Comments made by mmoore77

Crossing the Line: Border Stories

During your program 2 items stood out to me. First you asked a opinion of Santa Ana Unified School District personnel on the subject and he created a positive spin on the school district and undocumented families. Lets not forget 80% fall under that category at SAUSD and we have built many expensive schools in that district plus feed all the students. Last count 38,000 meals a day. The person in question makes his income and major pension from this district so is not a bias person.
Second, no mention of cash being used for all transactions by undocumented and taxes being side stepped. Cash being paid under the table and bartering goods. Just look what happened in texas when workers were asked to show pay stubs in order for BP company to reimburse them. They used cash and only reported 20% of their income at best.
There is no way to spin this one undocumented costs us tax payers and don't worry we have enough legals to cover the jobs...

July 26, 2010 at 4:42 p.m. ( | suggest removal )