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Comments made by mollymolloy

The Chilling Story Of El Sicario

To clarify: The AUTHOR of this book is the sicario himself. That is why the books is called "the autobiography..." It is his story, told on his terms. For obvious reasons, he cannot be named nor interviewed on the radio. Charles Bowden made the contact and after that I was present at all interviews and hours of conversations with the sicario where he explains exactly how and why he killed people in Mexico. Bowden wrote an article for Harpers magazine about him. Later, Gianfranco Rosi made the documentary, El Sicario Room 164, which has won awards in Venice, Lisbon, Tel Aviv, and other festivals around the world. I created the book by translating and editing hours of recorded testimony that did not fit the film format and I wrote an introductory essay to provide context for the corrupt Mexican system of crime, power and violence that framed the sicario's life.
Molly Molloy

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