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Comments made by monamontgomery

California Grocery Workers Reach Settlement

The union stewards are bad stewards. First they took advantage of the good hearts of the full time workers to give full medical benefits and a right to vote on union issues to the part time employees who make up 80% of the work force. This forced the stores to stop serving the public from 24 hours a day to 17 hours a day. Now the union stewards are taking advantage of the huge new voting block of part time workers to demand more and more from the stores. This is Communism in action. The union stewards lie to the news press. They say, "The average salary of a worker is only $20,000 per year." They omit the very important fact which is that 80% of the workers are part time. This means that the average worker is getting $20,000 per year for working part time."

Part-time workers are generally not as healthy as full time workers. Not only are the full time workers paying for full medical coverage for 80% of the work force, which is part time, but they are paying for the medical needs of people who are less healthy. This is why the money for the self-insured health care is running out. When you have too many health needs being paid for by a limited fund, the fund runs out. The stores have been bled dry. They have no choice but to close.

The sad thing is what is being done to the full time employees. They are forced to go along with the strike. Ten years ago this cost the full time employees their homes which they lost when they could not pay their mortgages. Now the full time employees once again are paying for the part-timers.

The union stewards should be replaced with responsible grown-ups. The stores can replace 30,000 workers in a heartbeat and who gets hurt? The present work force whose interests are supposed to be furthered by the infantile union stewards. The stores can always change their model from local stores to internet delivery systems. This can be done, but it isolates the American further form his community. What a shame that the union stewards are disrupting our American way of life in such a catastrophic way.

September 19, 2011 at 6:19 a.m. ( | suggest removal )