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Comments made by moneil1966

Possible End For Local Fireworks Show With New Regulations

Nevermind the ash fall out which I would venture to guess is not really that big of an issue environmentally speaking...what about the NOISE impact on sensitive marine/bird wildlife habitats in and around Mission Bay? If we have to have fireworks at all (which I wish we didnt quite frankly), why not keep them near downtown areas where there is less threat to marine/bird habitats?

BTW I alway found it ironic that Sea World tries to fashion itself as sometime of spokesperson for educating the public on marine life while at the same time detonating (on a nightly basis) fireworks next to poor 'Flipper'. I feel sorry for the whales and dolphins they say they are trying to preserve. I hope they give them ear plugs at least.

December 10, 2010 at 3:16 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

WikiLeaks Fallout: Unease Over Web Press Freedoms

On one hand, I feel that IF the US government as well as other governments (as well as our corporations and theirs) have conducted themselves in an unethical/immoral manner during the course of war or business, there should be an effective mechanism for calling them out on it. Otherwise how are they going to be responsible for their actions? Our govt and our banks for instance - as one prime example of unethical corporations- have proven time again that they (along with outside agencies) are not capable of adequately policing themselves without whistle blowers getting involved along the way to expose their bad deeds.

However at the same time, in the specific case of the release of certain top secret military documents, if there was in fact a release of specific names of people, I would have concern for their welfare and our nation as a whole and I think such a release is wreckless without some controls in place. That said, I dont intend to read all 95,000 (or whatever the quantity was) documents that were released about the military or diplomatic goings on but what I have heard so far seems to indicate that most of the information concerned seemingly petty, back stabbing comments about other leaders although I suppose there was more to it.

I think at the end of the day, the intent of those releasing the information as well as the specific content needs to be further analyzed before any one should be disciplined in this particular event. So far, as it pertains to Bradley Manning, all I have read is that he had a grudge against the army and his peers which in my mind is a poor defense for releasing said documents and deserves punishment whereas Julian Assange, at least from what I have read, as the messenger had a sincere desire to release information concerning certain seemingly immoral goings on with the military for the court of public opinion to weigh in on which I think would be a courageous thing to do, provided specific names of persons involved were not released to the general public.

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Pentagon: 'Mystery Missile' Was Probably Airplane

The whole thing is fishy. I am not a 'conspiratorist' per se but just the trajectory alone does not look like any that a standard plane would present. I know some have said the trajectory is not really as it seems - that it was all due to camera angle. That aside, it sort of reminds me of the mysterious incident involving the passenger plane that blew up over the Atlantic - what was that, about 10 yrs or more ago and there was no definitive explanation for it. Witnesses say they saw what appeared to be a missle intercept it. Further it is HIGHLY unusual to have a midair explosion like that due to wiring. Perhaps that was due to some internal major electrical snafu but this doesnt smell right to me. I also find it curious the lack of comment in a town that has such a predominance of military and DOD. And it apparently had a former military leader pretty convinced per the news story. I dont think either way that it is necessarily a bad thing that the miliary doesnt want to comment too much on this but it just further leads me to believe it was indeed some military exercise that went awry and no one wants to publicly fess up to it, esp with the President being overseas. What an embarrassment that would be. At the end of the day if it was supposedly a plane, why cant the FAA review its flight records and confirm if this was indeed a plane?

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