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Comments made by moneil2012

Filner Harassment Scandal Grows As Second Woman Comes Forward

I think where there is smoke there is fire although the timing is a wee bit suspect. I understand the first woman that came forward was harrassed by him after he was elected but this Fink woman is only coming forward now after 8 yrs? Ok so maybe she was emboldened by the other lady or, reasonably so, maybe she figured no one would listen to her if she mentioned it back when he was a congressman. If she had brought it up during his mayoral campaign no doubt she would have been accused of dirty politics. (Curiously does anyone remember that woman featured in some of the political ads for Carl DeMaio who said she was physically attacked by Filner at the airport? What happened to her and why isnt she coming forward and formally pressing charges now? I wonder how many people took her seriously back then when that bit was released?).

July 24, 2013 at 12:40 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Marine Videotaped Urinating On Taliban Corpses Speaks Out (Video)

Although it has got to be the most horrible thing to see your brothers (and sisters) killed or maimed in front of you and not want to react in a way that demoralizes the enemy, I think their actions did more harm to the entire Marine Corp than it did to the Taliban. I am not in the armed services but what I always thought made a Marine truly honorable is their brave defense of those who cannot defend themselves against tyrrany (whether they be from our country or another) while at the same time not lowering themselves to the same dirty tactics of the enemy. I think at the core of this is our failure as a society to provide our enlisted men and women a safe outlet to express their understandable horror, anger and resentment about what they see on the battle field.

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Ex-Fiancee Urges Filner To Submit Resignation

I think there is plenty of smoke. I was a supporter of his but it is getting so thick it's hard to see. Even Filner himself says he needs help!! Open your eyes! And anyway I have to wonder about a guy who is 20+ yrs her senior and is on his THIRD marriage. She sounds like a fairly intelligent woman but not smart enough to see what a schmuck this guy is - his age and # of marriages alone should have been a bit of a red flag. I think it's mostly a case of an old fart who wants to prove to women (any women) that he still has it when it's obvious he doesn't - down there or up there.

July 15, 2013 at 9:38 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Dad Of Road Rage Marine Says Son Is In Counseling (Video)

I feel sort of sorry for his dad and I thought he was brave to talk about it on camera although to some extent he is making excuses for his son's very bad behavior. But I mostly feel sorry for the son's wife. If he behaves like this on camera, imagine what he is capable of behind closed doors. It's pretty scarey actually. That said, it has to be pretty damn difficult for any soldier to adapt to the mundane activities of every day civilian life after being expected to behave defensively and aggressively when they are overseas in hostile situations - I mean their lives over there depend on it to a certain extent if you think about it. But I am not justifying his behavior. At the end of the day, he needs help and monitoring to ensure this doesnt escalate.

April 11, 2013 at 5:10 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Camp Pendleton Marine Investigated For Road Rage Incident (+Video)

memej1982 - I think you would feel very differently if this nut was screaming obscene remarks at you and kicking your car repeatedly. I mean really? There is NO excuse for this behavior. He obviously has serious issues and it is scarey to watch this. I feel sorry for his wife!! If he behaves this way with a camera rolling, imagine how he is behind closed doors! I get that these men and women who go to Afghanistan or Iraq are exposed to terrible things but his behavior is not an example of what a true Marine should stand for or their code of conduct. He is supposed to show respect and even protect the very type of person who he is screaming at here - I mean here one of his fellow Marines is in that car and her brother - and he should do so, regardless of the circumstances that precipitated this behavior. At the very least he should get anger management training but if I was his commanding officer I would consider some sort of punitive action too. He is a frightening individual who needs both help and more.

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