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Comments made by montooth

University Cuts Could Wound San Diego Economy

UC is in the midst of restructuring the way it conducts business, which is good. Had this crisis in funding not developed, it is doubtful that such fundamental restructuring would have occured. Big questions need to be asked of both the UC and CSU systems. Does California need a 10-campus research level university system or 2? Does that system need 6 medical schools? (and by the way, that includes only 2 nursing schools and no allied health schools)? Are students getting a real value in terms of the cost vs. return on investment, from their UC education? Definitely, compared to the peer institutions of similar faculty, facilities, and student characteristics--the students are getting a tremendous value. They would pay 2 or even 3 times more for their education at Stanford, Princeton, Yale, et al (UCB, and UCLA and UCSD are peers, for sure). Hard choices are being made now, that should have been made decades ago in the relatively 'good' times. Leadership was a bit light then and so, the choices being made must be draconian in order to even make a dent. There will be sacrifice on all fronts at UC: The staff, faculty, students--everyone will be affected, but in the end, the university will be leaner, and even more prepared to take-on the future. By the way, UCSD is one of the leaner campuses, in terms of mgmt and overhead, than any of the other UC campuses.

October 5, 2011 at 12:17 p.m. ( | suggest removal )