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Comments made by mop

San Diego’s Biggest Park Gets Even Bigger

The unfortunate side of this entire story is that aside from the Cowles mountain trails (which themselves are fairly unsustainable) a majority of the "trails" in MTRP are not trails at all, rather they are old jeep roads. I believe the hired contractors working on the master plan stated that over 70% of the trails are not sustainable nor do they meet "trail" requirements. They are not ADA accessible (try taking a wheelchair through 3" blue rock or up an 18% grade).
Beyond this, a 1 million + equestrian facility exists that is largely unused, horse pens sit empty, day in and day out and this facility continues to be built upon. Recently a 500K+ "building" was built on site labeled as the "equestrian staging facility", which was renamed to a "comfort staging area" after there was public outcry concerning the minimal use by equestrians. How many of the park users are equestrians? Under .01%.
I'll add that many of the antenna funds are being used for such projects with absolutely zero public input.
MTRP is truly a gem but it hasn't acquired the nickname of "missing trails regional park" for no reason. Outside of Cowles, the "trails" aren't trails at all, they are roads and poor roads at that.
Last, obtaining ground use permits in the park skirt on extortion. On the application for a ground use permit, in a public park, it asks if you will be "make a donation to the MTRP foundation, how much and when?" Since when, in a public facility, when applying for a use permit, is it fair to ask (prior to the permit being granted) if you will make a monetary donation.
On bettergivingsd(dot)guidestar(dot)org you can search for and see the entire MTRP financial history. I think anyone who takes a good look at the form 990 may raise an eyebrow or two.

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