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Comments made by motamanx

At 1963 March, A Face In The Crowd Became A Poster Child

More than anyone, or at least as much as anyone--Edith Lee Payne has kept alive the words and spirit of Dr Martin Luther King Jr from that historic day. Nearly fifty years after I made her picture in August 1963, we met at the same spot for the first time and reminisced. Edith has lived her life as a civil rights activist since that day. It's an honor to know her.

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Rowland Scherman's Photographs

In this interview, I mention a photograph that refers to "luck". The picture of Graham
Jackson crying at FDR's funeral was made by the great Ed Clark, of LIFE--not by me.
I'm sorry if I left the wrong impression, but I was only eight years old at the time of Ed made
that great shot. He called it "luck" also.

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