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Comments made by mrjoeveteran

Doing Time in Donovan State Prison

I thank kpbs for a very interesting and much needed insight into one of our most forgotten segments of society. I realize my comments are late but hope that they will be viewed in the sincere manner in which I have written them. My focus is especially aimed at the comments of mrdon. Sir, it disappoints me to read such ignorance from individuals which at their point in life should be displaying significantly higher levels of maturity and intellect. To shed blame on our society as a whole, our justice system, and every minority and racial group in our communities in our to justify your parental short comings is a clear indication that you not only lack in parenting skills but you also lack in common sense and basic education. Let you educate you on one fact only at this time, if we were to deport all of our "illigals" from this country, rest assured that mexicans would not be the only individuals deported. Speaking with someone of your displayed intellect is a complete waste of anyones time. Unfortunately if your son cannot reach a level of intellect to allow him to be self supporting then sir, I believe you have a responsibility that will require your attention for as long as you can provide it. As parents I believe it is our on going responsibility to guide and help our children to adulthood and sometimes even past that point. I would urge you to enroll in some classes to learn about your sons illness or handicap so you can understand how to help him. It probably will help you to mature a little more and display a little more intellect the next time you convey your thought in a public forum. Good luck to you sir.

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Life In Prison: Terry Campbell, 44 Years And Counting

I realize that I am posting my comment rather late from the initial airing date, however, I did recently have the opportunity to view the interview with Mr. Campbell and read the comments posted. First, I must convey my initial response to some of the comments posted. In my opinion it is extremely disappointing to read or attempt to read the ignorant ramblings of an uneducated person condemning another person for their misdeeds. We live in a very complex society, especially here in the United States. This is a country made of many cultures, races, religions and customs which makes our job of identifying justice that much more difficult. Education is the key to maturity, knowledge, and success. Once we can add experience to education we usually see successful individuals. Not one of us is without sin or wrongdoing. Here is a man that has been punished beyond death in my opinion. To this day Mr. Campbell has served 48 years of his life in prison. There isn't one person that commented on this issue that can even remotely relate to what Mr. Campbell has experienced. I do not believe that any amount of years will justify the crime he committed. It isn't the years it is what Mr. Campbell has achieved and accomplished within those years that should be considered. We see many criminals commit crimes in our society and with a high price lawyer they get away with the crime. Other criminals are arrested sentenced and continue to commit crimes in prison and they are still released. There is no doubt our justice system needs continuous improvement but its the best one we have for now. I would urge you individuals that have posted comments here that clearly show your lack of academic ability to seek out more education. Hopefully you will not need to commit a crime to finally find time to educate yourself. Mr. Campbell is 1 individual that should be considered very carefully for release due to his accomplishments toward rehabilitation rather than looking at him because he is elderly now and to costly to maintain. We have a long way to go before we claim to be a truly civilized society.

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