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Comments made by mrsmith

Insight Into The Latest Drug Violence In Mexico


I certainly agree that there are some issues with our current gun laws. I am personally ashamed that US citizens are helping to perpetuate the violence in Mexico through the illegal export of weapons and the purchase of illicit drugs. These sorts of behavior are counter to our values as a nation. However, we would be remiss if we continue to think that we are the primary problem regarding weapons supply. It was recently reported by the Mexican government that a large percentage of weapons arrive in Mexico via their southern border. The GOM went as far as to say that they were not going to deal with their southern border. Puzzling? Additionally, if you look at the types of military weapons the cartels are using (RPGs, auto-grenade launchers, heavy and medium machine guns, etc) these are weapons that clearly are being either purchased on the world arms market or coming from the Armories of the Mexican government (i.e. MX military). These two sources need to be explored. If the cartel can purchase large sea going containers of precursor chemicals for the production of methamphetamine it certainly stands to reason they can procure weapons on the world arms market. It is well documented fact that the cartels have relationships with insurgents that allow them not only access to narcotics (cocaine and heroin) but also weapons.

As for your comment on Mexican drug abuse, you are right on the money. There is a very large problem with drug abuse within Mexico. Yet another issue that is hardly ever discussed, particularly by Mexican officials and the Mexican elites.


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Insight Into The Latest Drug Violence In Mexico

Good Morning,
I certainly agree with your guests in their assessment of the US’ lack of a comprehensive program to curb illicit drug use with in our borders. It has been years since the White House has attempted to dissuade Americans from abusing illicit drugs. An active program can be effective but one must be developed and implemented. A plan of education can have an impact on drug use and is more cost effective than mere criminal prosecution. Leadership has certainly been lacking. Frankly, I am surprised by our President’s lack of leadership in this issue I had hoped for more. I expected much more from someone who is such an effective communicator and is so adept exploiting social networks, which is key to reaching our youth. The only thing I have heard about is a strategy to curb abuse of prescription opiate-based drugs there was no mention of the abuse of illicit drugs.
With that said, Mexico does not get off the hook by simply blaming the US for all of its problems. Clearly, Mexico a sovereign nation with tremendous natural resources and unrealized wealth bears a tremendous portion of the burden. The problem appears to lie at the doorstep of the Mexican government and its citizens. Mexico is quite nearly a failed state and culturally, morally bankrupt. Government corruption is rampant and their people stand by, do nothing to effect change, and both parties stand, and point at the US and say “they are to blame”. Our lack of domestic drug policy has nothing to do with the morally repugnant behavior that goes on almost daily within the confines of the Mexican state. I wonder where Mexican citizens are when tens of thousands of their own people are routinely tortured and murdered. Worse yet, are the beheadings, skinning and mutilations that are so common. Those behaviors are not learned from the US, they come from within. I read Mexican newspapers nearly everyday and see very little evidence of the citizenry expressing their voice of discontent through civil disobedience and protest.
People can make change just look around the world today. There are countries with vastly more repressive regimes that take to the streets to make change happen. Change is not easy, it requires sacrifices, but no more than what they are making everyday. Where are Mexico’s people? Where is their leadership? Someone has to finally stand up and say that Mexico has some control over it destiny. Not every problem is someone else’s fault. Mexico needs to look at their own faults instead of pointing their fingers at everyone else.


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