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Comments made by msangler

Bass Populations Collapsing Off Our Coast, Scripps Says

Having not read the original paper, I can only go by what is in this article. I find several things disturbing.

"Erisman and his colleagues looked outside fisheries data. They tapped into fish population numbers tracked by power plant generating stations, which are required to log fish entrapments as part of their water cooling systems, and underwater visual censuses conducted by Occidental College since 1974."

How were the underwater survey conducted and where? Which power plants at and at what time of year? Any surveys being done at Catalina, Clemente or the Channel Islands? What year class of fish are caught in cooling system?

"The authors acknowledge that both bass species began declining in the early 1980s, a drop other studies have directly linked with a climatic shift in regional water temperatures. But they say fishing impacts exacerbated the declines.
"The combined evidence from this study indicates that persistent overfishing of seasonal spawning aggregations by recreational fisheries brought about the collapse of barred sand bass and kelp bass stocks in Southern California,"

Where did this conclusion come from. Do kelp bass even have spawning aggregations? I have also left messages with Larry Allen and Erisman.

I will tell you that if asked, recreational anglers would be happy to be part of any survey. But like the white seabass head collections, if they are not picked up, how do you know what is going on?

September 30, 2011 at 1:48 p.m. ( | suggest removal )