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Comments made by msb

SD County Employees Pocketed Pay Increase Despite Position Cuts

Payscale demonstrates that government as an employer type is in the BOTTOM third (5 from the lowest employer types out of 15) in terms of salary, along with nonprofits and contract work.

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SD County Employees Pocketed Pay Increase Despite Position Cuts

National Association of Law Placement supports Michelle Bush’s statement that attorneys right out of law school may make 2 – 3 times as much in the private sector:

“The $160,000 first-year salary still offered at many big firms in big cities — or even $145,000 or $130,000 — is beyond what even the most experienced attorneys can reasonably expect at a public sector or public interest organization.”

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SD County Employees Pocketed Pay Increase Despite Position Cuts

Jobs in San Diego's Private Sector make up the majority of employment with 1,108,625 jobs in the San Diego, CA surrounding area (San Diego County).

This accounts for 83.62% of the San Diego jobs market.

Government jobs only account for just 16.38% of the total workforce in San Diego, and that is state, local, federal combined.

Data Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages, Q3 2007 -

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SD County Employees Pocketed Pay Increase Despite Position Cuts

Richard: Actually, the range of $45,384 to $69,351 is the median (not average) starting salary Payscale lists on a national basis. There are 3 crucial points you miss in your rant and rave:

1) When you change it to California or San Diego, it increases.

2) And even if you did not, can I point out that $55 - $60 K falls squarely in the middle of that national average.

3) The numbers you quoted from Payscale, that is combined public, private, nonprofit sectors, including self-employed attorneys. Do you think the number comes in lower because of the public sector and nonprofit sector wages?

Michelle Bush was saying they could make more in the private sector - you did not compare the salary ranges to that of the private sector only, but you tried to analyze it that way and make your point sound as if you did. And I know you did not because I just went into payscale and saw how you did get the numbers.

So your big point here, is that on a NATIONWIDE basis, a starting attorney overall - private + public + nonprofit sectors combined, the starting salary could be about 5K less than in San Diego?

And again, that is not even really true since within the range of $45,384 to $69,351 the middle point is $57,367 - so that would put San Diego just below the mid point of the median range, and that is based on the national average, and as San Diego is a more expensive City than the national average, combined with the fact that your numbers are not based on ONLY the private sector, then Michelle Bush is correct in saying that starting attorneys could make more in the private sector in San Diego specifically.

Sounds like a lot of ranting and raving just for the sake of ranting and raving.

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