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Comments made by mySDvoice

San Diego To Explore Raising Minimum Wage Without Public Vote

I want it to go to a vote in November. Maybe then the Democratic Party can get out the vote and pass this with a large margin. Having this on the ballot will also help with other causes and candidates for the Democratic Party. But, if the Democratic Party leaders stay true to form, they will figure out how to take the advantage they have with public opinion (and demographics) and turn this into a loser (like they did with the mayor's race).

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San Diego Assemblywoman Proposes Mail-Only Voting For Special Elections

The first step in any successful problem solving exercise is to define the problem. I don't think the politicians have defined the problem yet. Is it that special elections are too expensive? Is it that turnout is too low? Is it that special elections are only interesting to people who tend to vote by mail? Is it a problem with voter access to polling places? Only by doing some research are they going to understand the real problems, and not create solutions with unintended consequences. It would be easy to disenfranchise a group of voters (or all the voters) with these proposals.
Our politicians think it looks good to propose some eye-catching legislation, but rarely do their proposals solve the problems. Shouldn't all the money we pay our politicians and their staffs go into solving real problems?

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San Diego Chargers Will Seek New Mayor's Backing For Stadium

NFL is a club of billionaires that are making millions while claiming to be a 'non-profit'. They are protected from anti-trust regulations by congress.
And now they are looking for corporate welfare...
If Faulconer or the City Council begins to engage in making city land or money available, we need to get the recall petitions circulating....

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Faulconer Defeats Alvarez For Mayor; Vows To Unite San Diego

This election was lost by the elites in the Democratic Party. Instead of getting behind Nathan Fletcher, they chose to bring in David Alvarez as a second Democratic candidate, whom they later endorsed and backed with huge sums of union money. With David Alvarez they got a candidate that shared a more liberal subset of the Democratic Party values. But not a candidate that could appeal to the broader San Diego population, and undoubtedly digging into the election results will show that David did not get many votes from independents and those north of 8. By choosing David Alvarez, the Democratic Party elite gave Faulconer all the Republican voters and a large percentage of Independent voters. No way that David could get elected. If you are registered with the Democratic Party and are unhappy with the results of this election, you need to let the Democratic Party Central Committee hear from you (

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Former San Diego Mayoral Candidate Aguirre Makes Right Turn, Endorsing Faulconer

I personally think Aguirre has a very sharp legal mind and is often focused on keeping the playing field even for all participants. So, he can be both anti-business and anti-unions at the same time. Unfortunately, he has one of those difficult personalities that does not play well in the political arena. I sure liked a lot of his ideas when he was City Attorney (especially considering our current City Attorney).
That all said, this election was over when Donna Frye and the Democratic Party decided to push David Alvarez into the mayor's race rather than get behind Nathan Fletcher. The Democratic Party and voters pulled a page from the Tea Party - they eliminated the Democratic candidate that could win in a general election to get one that was far enough left of center. The key rap on David Alvarez is that he is financially supported almost exclusively by the unions. He has not been able to build relationships with the business community and other leaders in San Diego to create a broader appeal. He is only in the race because these unions have deep pockets. In the primary, he only got votes from a limited segment of the electorate. On the other hand, Fletcher pulled votes from across the city and had broad financial backing from both business and labor, and would have been our next mayor. I think Donna Frye and the Democratic Party blew this election...many months ago.

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Canceled Debate Between San Diego Mayoral Candidates Sparks War Of Words

Correction: should have said former Mayor 'Dick Murphy' - there are disadvantages of being older as well as being younger...

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Canceled Debate Between San Diego Mayoral Candidates Sparks War Of Words

caijay52 - maybe you should examine both candidates with open eyes. While I agree that David Alvarez is young and a relative newcomer to public office, you also need to look at Kevin Faulconer's record as part of our city council since 2006. I do not look at the last 7 years as being stellar years for SD city, nor do I look at Kevin's contribution to be very productive. As an example - he supported ballot initiatives on 'pension reform' that have cost SD ~$200+ million without delivering a dime of savings. Any savings to pensions were based on non-ballot based efforts of now disgraced Mayor Filner. So, why was he supporting an initiative that cost hundreds of millions to SD while promoting this as a savings. Mainly, because he knew that most of the electorate would be attracted with the tagline of 'pensions that were out of control', so any measure that suggested reduction of pensions would be popular...even if it was a complete sham. The initiative was a fraud. The only real pension reform was for the mayor and city council to negotiate with good faith with the city employees and applicable unions. The last several mayors (Dick Young, Jerry Sanders) were terrible with negotiating with the unions...and the city council, including Kevin Faulconer, did not insist on better deals. Let's call this as it should be called - weak negotiating by the SD City and good negotiating by the unions. But, ultimately, the Republican Mayors did not stand up to the unions. So, recognize that Kevin does not have a proven backbone and will not be given any slack by the unions. Ironically, a Democratic Mayor probably has more negotiation leverage with the unions than a Republican. So, David does not have a lot of experience in public office within his 33 years, but maybe Faulconer's experience and extra 10 years on this planet do not represent a positive direction for SD - the city that we all love!

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Kevin Faulconer leads David Alvarez in latest poll for San Diego mayoral race

The key to this poll is the statement 'likely voters'. Alvarez's primary supporters live south of 8, but show up to vote in much smaller percentages compared to the Faulconer's supporters living north of 8. The Alvarez campaign needs to work on voter turnout to have any chance at winning.

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Federal Judge Orders Removal Of Mt. Soledad Cross

unionSoldier1846NY - Really? This land is 100% Christian and 100% Mexican? Maybe you do not think this land existed before Columbus, you know, when the world was still flat. The native Americans have occupied the lands we call home for hundreds of more years than us recent transplants..

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