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Comments made by myumyu

S.D. Unified Continues To Put Pressure On SDSU

I meant overwhelmingly not unanimously and I left an apostrophe off 'students'...thanks. By the way, can you tell my time with San Diego Unified was a walk in hell.

February 6, 2010 at 2:32 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

S.D. Unified Continues To Put Pressure On SDSU

I have a message for San Diego Unified School District--stop inflating grades of your students. Stop breaking the law by forcing teachers to inflate grades. Abide by California state laws. Require your students to meet minimum course competencies before you pass them. SDUSD--YOU NEED TO INSTITUTE DISTRICT WIDE COURSE FINALS AND YOU NEED TO REQUIRE TEACHER'S AND SCHOOLWIDE GRADES TO BE IN LINE WITH THE RESULTS OF THESE FINALS!!!!!

It is not unreasonable for one or a few students' final exam results to not reflect their true level of knowledge. But it is not reasonable for most of a teacher's students exam results to be an F while the majority of students receive an A, B, or C. Same goes for an entire school. SDUSD turns a blind eye to the grade inflation and lack of accountability in their schools. Grossmont School District uses district wide exams exactly for the purpose of accountability. However, the idea of accountability is unknown in San Diego Unified School District. Is it really unfair that San Diego State University is fed up with accepting students with inferior study skills and inferior academic qualifications? Yes, the budget crisis probably is an excuse to end this failing program. So what. Good riddance to a program that is truly a travesty to justice. Academically qualified students should not be rejected in favor of academically unqualified students. California voters unanimously chose to reject affirmative action because it is not fair. It is about time that SDSU (a state funded public university) abided by the law and stopped using backdoor affirmative action. No matter how much lipstick you put on this pig, an academically unqualified student has no business in college.

Academically unqualified students should go to community college and learn the study skills and the academic basics necessary to succeed in college before they are admitted to San Diego State University.

February 6, 2010 at 10:49 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

S.D. Unified Continues To Put Pressure On SDSU

As an example of how severe the grade inflation is at urban schools in San Diego Unified, here is an example of how a student at my old school could pass an advanced math class with no skills whatsoever. One of my previous students came to visit my classroom and told me he was enrolled in an afterschool algebra II class. This is what he told me about the class. It was being taught by the school's cheerleading coach. This man did not have a credential to teach math. Actually, he had no teaching credential whatsoever but he was the teacher for algebra II. The class was 3-4 weeks long afterschool. The students could come late and leave early. In fact, the student informed me that he regularly left at break time and didn't return but was counted as attending the full hours. No tests were going to be given in the class. Instead of tests, the grades for the class were based on homework. I asked whether the student actually had to do the homework. He said, no, all he had to do was pretend to try on a couple of problems and he would be given full credit for the homework assignment. So that is how you get a passing grade in higher level math at an urban school in San Diego Unified. You get a cheerleading coach to just give everyone a passing grade in a short after school class with no tests and no requirement to complete or understand the homework either. Does this sound like a joke? The sad thing is that this is not a joke. This really happened.

And San Diego Unified is offended that SDSU no longer wants to admit every student with a C average from the school district? Ask SDSU what percentage of San Diego Unified's students have to take a remedial course when they start at SDSU (70 percent or more?). Ask SDSU how many of San Diego Unified's students drop out the first year of college because they have no academic skills and no work ethic because their grades have always been inflated in a school system that is rotten to the core. I am not making any of this up. I witnessed it first hand. I personally saw student after student with below basic and far below basic scores on the state STAR tests but with A's and B's in their classes at the school.

Why is it unfair for SDSU to want the students they admit to their college to actually have the academic skills to be there? It is about time that SDSU stopped this outrageous Compact for Success. San Diego Unified School District needs to stop pointing the finger at everybody else and clean up their filthy, unethical, joke of a school district instead asking the local colleges to take their uneducated students.

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S.D. Unified Continues To Put Pressure On SDSU

I was a math teacher in San Diego Unified School District at an urban school that was part of the SDSU compact for success. That school engaged in ridiculous grade inflation. Teachers were routinely forced to pass students who had no competency in the subject at all. Especially new teachers with no tenure were strong-armed to pass students, including students who had flunked every test, had done little homework for the term, and had more than the allowed number of absences for the term. These students absences always magically disappeared from the computer records before grades were due. Who was deleting these absences and under whose authority? I would like to know. I had a girl with way more than 50 absences for the semester but somehow the computer records were changed to show that she had fewer than 10. And the administration and counselors tried to force me to pass her. When I refused, the principal passed her over my objections. Illegal? Yes. Routine practice at urban schools in San Diego Unified? Yes.

As far as this student, Ms. Shabazz, feeling that it is unethical for SDSU to require 'local' students to meet the same requirements as all other entering students...well, that is just a typical example of the ridiculous sense of entitlement that many urban students have. What is truly unethical is for these 'local' (euphemism for minority) students to be allowed special accomodations that admit them despite having inferior academic qualifications.

For the most part, these students grades have been padded at the urban schools they are attending, their SAT scores are below par, their academic qualifications are deficient. What is unfair is that academically deficient students are being admitted to SDSU while more academically qualified students are being denied admittance.

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