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What Can Be Done To Reduce Feral Cat Population?

A yahoo group for people that like San Diego Feral Cats:

September 8, 2010 at 1:45 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

What Can Be Done To Reduce Feral Cat Population?

In the colonies where TNR is practiced the cats have no effect on the ecosystem. we need to differentiate between colonies where TNR is not practiced and those where it is. I know because I feed them myself. Yes, it's true, birds are not hangin around the small area where the cats live. I can tell you there were a lot less birds around the area when I first started trapping there and the mammas were having kittens. I don't believe in killing cats/making cats pay for the sins of humans. However, they ARE paying in the fact they are not being allowed to reproduce, their numbers dwindle hwne that happens, and you do have to take care that you are not feeding other wildlife. Humans have the worst effect on wildlife; thousands of times worse than a few cats being fed by some kind human. In areas where they are breeding in huge numbers, wildlife is minimal--where they are breeding in large numbers are the poor areas with high-density human populations. This is not a problem when people care enough to start getting the cats in those areas fixed. Once TNR has been completed, the numbers of cats dwindle fairly quickly. It's a good feeling to know that there IS a humane solution. Also, there are ways to avoid feeding other wildlife. You can feed in the mornings instead of night; and you can stay there while the cats eat. I feed in the mornings and only leave enough food for the cats. I do not believe in feeding wild animals that are not fixed. -Natelle

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What Can Be Done To Reduce Feral Cat Population?

Hi, The worms can be serious in kittens; nothing is more upsetting than to see a feral kitten die on the street of parasites--I see it in the more overpopulated parts of town. If you call FCC and follow their instructions and support on getting them trapped you can take them to a clinic, where they'll be dosed with Advantage. Mention when you bring them that you think they have worms, and they will put a tag on each of the kittens cages asking for "droncit" to be given, which kills tapeworm. When you get the kittens back, during recovery you can give them D-worm in their food; or whatever medicine you have at home for that. I bought Pyrantel myself online. Would be happy to give you some if you like. Please e-mail me separately. Anyway, there are lots of factors to consider before trying to take the kittens out of the wild. Mainly it is very time consuming to take kittens and find them homes. Finding a rescue group; taming them; all challenges that are not always successful. This is a particularly "bad" kitten season this year. I heard a statistic of 700 (source: SNAP's volunteer e-mail newsletter in June) kittens were turned in to county shelters in May alone (does not include rescue groups)... In June and July my guess is the numbers were close to the same. Anyway it's a big job to bring kittens out of the wild. IF you can get them fixed, it's not horrible to leave them there as long as they are not being poisoned/eradicated. -Natelle

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