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Comments made by nathanielsiegel

A Film That Sparked National Controversy Screens At MCASD

Yes, I've seen David Wojnarowicz's film "A Fire In My Belly" in the atrium of The New Museum, in the window of The Leslie/Lohman Gay Art Foundation, and on the P.P.O.W. Gallery website via my home computer.

I did not find the video offensive.

I think the decision by the Secretary of The Smithsonian Institution (a public trust) to remove the film from the exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery on November 30, 2010 was an act of censorship of art.

Censorship of art concerns me.

If a gay artist doesn't self censor himself in life and creates works true to his soul and then fails to leave proper instructions to the heirs of his estate he can expect the possibility of his works being censored or simply hidden away from view after his death. Even if a gay artist takes the precaution of leaving his artwork to a trusted individual or organization, all it takes is one curator, administrator, person to project their own discomfort with a work of art and "poof" that artist's message, ideas and creativity are gone from view. Effectively this is " silence after death" at the hands of a stranger.

To understand the artist David Wojnarowicz please read "One day this kid will get larger." Also titled "Untitled, 1990".

Here's the link to "Untitled, 1990" on P.P.O.W. Gallery Website:

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