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Comments made by nickanik

San Diego Cities' Salaries, Benefits Scrutinized

ok - so help me/us understand. Why as a city worker do you deserve to make 45% more money than the same person in the private sector?

- why should I pay more in taxes so someone that is a city worker that is doing the same job as me can make 45% more money?
- why should schools be underfunded? IE: no phys ed, no art programs, no music?

What value is created by you as a city worker that we should sacrifice so much so you can make such a premium income over someone that works in the private sector?

25 years ago private sector employees had pensions... but today we do not. I think it is time for the public sector to mirror the private sector.


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San Diego Cities' Salaries, Benefits Scrutinized

the last caller was hilarious. Why should a city worker deserve a pension when probably only 3% of people that pay taxes that pay that person's salary have pensions.

It is not fair that they get compensated with healthcare and pension for 20-40 years after they retire. Their compensation is HUGE over their life time.

If a city working makes $50k for 25 years and then make $30k for 30 years of retirement - that equates to $2,150,000 over their life time.

if the avg income in San diego is $60k and a person has a 25 year work life - and really no one today has a pension.... the avg person's life time income is $1,500,000 soooooooo a city worker makes 143% of what we make.......

it seems like to me the avg city worker is getting paid WAY more than the avg san diegan......


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