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Comments made by nikolaclay

What Can You Do to Keep Your Pet Safe During the Summer?

I was moved to post by the man whose dog recently went blind rather suddenly.
There are a couple of things that should be helpful that weren't mentioned. First the Bach Flower Remedies are great and now there's a whole line made just for pets. I currently use one called "Home Alone". They help with physical as well as emotional conditions.You may have heard of Rescue Remedy . I get mine at Pet Nutrition in Encinitas. I also got a personalized remedy from Sunnybrooke Farm also in Encinitas. http://www.sunnybrookfarmholisticpetc...

Another treatment in addition to the Bach Flowers is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) If you google EFT for pets and search around Youtube you will find some great stuff. EFT is the emotional equivalent to Accupuncture (no needles)

I use all of these and my 12 year Pug has a new lease on life.

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