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Comments made by nimblewit

Al Jazeera Looking To Expand In U.S.

I am neither a neither a US native nor from anywhere near Arabia! I cannot agree more with Rob Reynolds - this morning I turned on ABC news and was sick of the overwhelming coverage of Charlie Sheen and his 2 girl friends like it was national news. I mean - who wants to know about a person's drug problems, and sex life at 7 AM?! The list is endless - best and worst dressed in Oscars - common give me a break! Likewise - we have been hearing about Linday Lohan for the past few weeks like crazy!. Just too much of air time on insignificant items. I do not understand the attitude of a so called open society not to consider BBC news let alone Al Jazeera. ABC news was just an example representing the pathetic state of American media. They seem to portray that credible channel is an Arab propaganda and the paranoid shown towards it is not much different from Iran shutting down western media. The worst of all is perhaps Fox news - just a Republican mouth piece! The American citizens have a mind of their own to form and express opinions!

March 1, 2011 at 9:59 a.m. ( | suggest removal )