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Comments made by ninotrovato

San Diego Is Miles Behind On Taxi Safety Standards

KPBS, the UTW, Bob Filner, and the City Council, who are in the mayors pocket should worry more about teaching drivers how to make more than $4.50 per hour. Or at least teach them to report all of their earnings. They should take credit cards, stay off their cell phones while driving with passengers, take the most direct routes to their customers destinations, and learn to create repeat business.

MTS is issuing citations to many illegal operators and the city will not prosecute these offenses. They have chosen to spend money on a study which was done only 2 years ago. Too many taxicabs on the road already. That was the findings of AN INDEPENDENT report only 2 years ago. If things are worse now for the drivers than how can you justify putting more cabs on the road. If you want to please many and upset a few, that does not mean that it is the right thing to do. If your ideology is that of an open market than just say so.
STOP THE BIAS KPBS. I used to look to you for the truth.

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San Diego Is Miles Behind On Taxi Safety Standards

I completely concur with JCortez. Even before reading his comments I was preparing to question KPBS on why the OBVIOUS bias on this issue. Is it racially motivated? I am in charge of 11 taxicabs and approximately 40 drivers from all over the world. One of my drivers made over 300 dollars take home twice this week. He works 10 hours per day.
Another of my drivers made over 500 dollars last week, his worst week ever. He works 11 hours per day and 5 days per week. Another driver works the other 2 day shifts and guess what, he makes over 100 dollars per day too. These are net, take home figures.

Some of my cars are salvaged. You, or any certified mechanic would NEVER know that if I did not tell them.

I bought one car a few years ago that was a 1998 model. Old huh. It only had 33,000 miles on it and it lasted 4 years, making money for numerous families.


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City Attorney Calls Filner's Actions "Cruel," "Over The Line"

Mayor Filner is a complete hypocrite holding money ransom and stating that he will not allow other's to hold him ransom.

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Shadow Market For Taxi Permits Lucrative For Some, Hardship For Others

I thought that the law of supply and demand comes from what the market will bare. I offer names and phone numbers of successful cabbies to KPBS. Please take me up on my offer. I know they would like to make more money. Everyone wants to make more money. More taxis on the road will not help. We should come to some REAL solutions. Let's get together to discuss the LEGITIMATE problems. Such as, the fact that many taxi drivers are turning to UBER RIDE as a way to make money. This industry is running wild in the streets with so many illegal operators picking up customers flagging them down in the streets. They are parking in the taxi stands and they refuse to move. The police are doing NOTHING about it. MTS, which has been given little authority, is issuing citations which the city is not prosecuting. More and more shuttle buses are taking customers for next to nothing. These are sponsored by the Harbor Authority and Ace Parking.

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Shadow Market For Taxi Permits Lucrative For Some, Hardship For Others

I am a permit holder of 1 taxicab in San Diego. I purchased it nearly 2 years ago for $130,000 and I bought a nice car and prepared it for the road for approximately $10,000. I had a grand total of $117,000 to my name. This was all the money for my family. I borrowed the rest, $23,000, to complete the purchase and have my car on the road working. My net return is $500 per week. Approximately $25,000 per year. I also manage 10 taxicabs. In all I manage around 40 people because most of these cabs have 3 to 5 drivers. EACH AND EVERYONE OF THEM MAKE MORE THAN $500 PER WEEK ON AVERAGE. I purchase, repair, replace, register, and pay ALL fees for the cars. My brother bought a permit last week. His driver made $450 on Friday night alone. The taxi union should teach its drivers to make more than $4.5o per hour instead of teaching them to stick their hands out for free housing allowance ($1,100 per person), free welfare, and now they want to receive a taxicab permit from the city for $3,000. A study, which cost taxpayers $100,000 just two short years ago, was independent, and it concluded that there were too many taxicabs on the road. Now, two years later, Mr. Filner and the San Diego City Council just approved another $100,000 study for the purpose of releasing more permits. There is less work now than there was two years ago, isn't there? Drivers are "supposedly" making $4.50 per hour, right? What do you think more taxicabs will do to the earnings of cabbies?

STOP LYING AND CHEATING AND LEARN HOW TO MAKE A LIVING. Create repeat customers. Stay off of your phones while driving passengers around! Stop taking tourists the wrong way to their destinations! My drivers tell me every day about customers complaining about these issues.


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