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Comments made by nofootfaults

County Supervisors Say 'No' To Legalizing Pot

Why did KPBS ask a city Supervisor and DA about this, instead of regular citizens? They are stakeholders in the status quo, biased against any changes that would liberate the rest of us. The last persons that should be asked about this issue in a public forum should be those charged with enforcing the current laws. Marijuana is a problem only because of the laws that say its use, distribution and sale are criminal, not because of any factors intrinsic to its use. Make it legal and all problems with it disappear. Of course, Bonnie Dumanis and the police would have less ability to harass the populace if that happened, and that's what they really don't like. My reading of history is that pot is only illegal in the US because a bunch of cops in the South believed they needed such laws so they could more easily harass and arrest the black people and jazz musicians they didn't like back in the 30's. Their success caught on with law enforcement, and their media blitz with propaganda and films like Reefer Madness conned the most of the public into accepting the limitation of their liberties on a national scale. It was a big con job. The removal of those laws is the next human rights issue.

September 15, 2010 at 1:23 a.m. ( | suggest removal )