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Comments made by nonameplease

Navy Issues Lists Of Upcoming Layoffs

The military has so many perks it's unbelievable. I grew up in a military town as a non-military and saw how much more the military doles out to its service members. I guess that's why they join the service -- they get a job and free housing and tax free shopping. It's no wonder the Navy is broke -- along with the government. And to top it off they want us to say "thank you for flying a desk". I say learn from those of us who did NOT enjoy job security. They now have first crack at civil service with their points preference when completing an application. They always have VA benefits. And if at 45 they find themselves out the door, welcome to the world of most Americans today. I am not sure what service people do all day, but I know why they joined the service: for the benefits. You can't beat them and the taxpayers can't afford them. Is that fair? Thanks for the service at the expense of taxpayers. If you saw combat, you are the one to be thanked. If you joined because you get free housing and job security, that's over the top. And I see more of that than anything else.

April 20, 2012 at 1:15 a.m. ( | suggest removal )