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Comments made by noneofyourbusiness

Survey: Majority Of San Diego Latinos Feel Some Discrimination

Um, isn't it racist in itself to open a bank that caters only to latino's? If I opened a bank and catered ONLY to white people wouldn't I be called the same?

It's not racism to question Mexicans who live in san diego who came here illegally. How can something that is illegal be called racism?

I have lived in Sand Diego 40 years and have seen it go from a nice place to live to being over populated and mostly by immigrants. The day without a Mexican was a rejoicing day for me when it happened. I could actually drive to work without all the lanes being blocked by people doing 60 MPH in them.

Bottom line if you here legally good for you. If not you should be deported back to your home country and try again to enter legally.

To be offended for someone asking for a green card, you should be offended that your fellow countryman from your old country and others are breaking the law and do more to stop it. it is shameful and makes you look bad IF you entered into the country the right way.

December 11, 2013 at 6:55 a.m. ( | suggest removal )