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Is Whooping Cough Vaccine Working?

@MyRosario. Vitamin C is hog wash? Really? You do know that without Vitamin C in your body, you fall down dead, right? Do you also know that there is ongoing research leading to the possible conclusion that vaccinating infants with so many vaccines at once is depriving their body of Vitamin C and thus causing SIDS? How many parents out there would have liked to have known that had they given their baby a good dose of Vitamin C before and after receiving an immunization, their baby may not have died in the days/weeks following said immunizations. Do you also know that it is a treatment for hodgkin's? Why in the world would a nursing student call Vitamin C hog wash?
There are many more articles about Vitamin C saturation. You really should do your reading before you "poo poo" something. I really wonder what you are being taught in this "nursing" school you attend.

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Is Whooping Cough Vaccine Working?

I apologize for some of my comment not making sense, I was interrupted multiple times by the now 2 year old boy. Ugh. My points were simply that there should be more education on how to treat whooping cough, because it's obvious that we can't all be guaranteed safe guard from it. At least give the babies a fighting a chance at the disease instead of just putting them in ICU and watching them die. Fluids and antibiotics are not enough, not even close. Especially if they have been vaccinated recently, which depletes the body of vitamin C and thus can cause death in and of itself. There is so much information the general public doesn't know and rely solely on doctors for. Nobody should rely solely on any one person or source for all their information, that just isn't wise. Do your research before making any decision about anything. Especially when it comes to our children.

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Is Whooping Cough Vaccine Working?

We do not vaccinate (I don't need any lectures, thanks) and we had whooping cough 2 years ago. My daughter was 5 at the time and my son was 2 months old. Needless to say I was very concerned for my son, being so young. We took a natural homeopathic pertussis remedy (basically the natural and real vaccine for pertussis--little white crunchies) and treated the disease in the appropriate way. We did Vitamin C saturation, echinacea and other immune boosting supplements. My son never got the cough and my daughter came through just fine. Before doing any of this I took my son to a pediatrician in hopes of getting him tested to see what steps I needed to take, if any. She refused to test him and told me she was she he had it, to go home and just watch for him to stop breathing and then call 911. That was it. Nothing else. No treatment, nothing. It was ridiculous. I went home and did my own research preparing for the biggest battle of my little son's life. With the help of a very wise midwife who had herself seen many children, including ones younger than my son, through whooping cough. Doctors and nurses need to be informed and skilled in treating whooping cough, not just simply sitting by and watching children die from it. Vitamin C is the only known killer of the pertussis germ, which causes the toxin that produces the cough. If the body is saturated with vit C, they stand a chance at fighting off the disease just fine. And the sooner, the better, before the cough begins. Now why wouldn't Doctors know this? Or do they but need these few deaths to scare more people into getting vaccinated. I mean, we are told the "few" children that have reactions to vaccines is a small price to pay for the good of the whole. Maybe the "few" babies/children that die from whooping cough is to teach us all a lesson in getting vaccinated.

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