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Comments made by notabum

Street View: Living Homeless For The Weekend

i've bee locationaly privalaged for almost 25 yrs, but unlike some i really don't mind my life the way it is. i make enough for the things i need, even make some things. i enjoy the help of brother bennos in o'side and when i'm in knoxville,tn i am privaliged to have waterangles,and lost sheep to get food and clothing from. i've always helped my fellow diezens of the streets when i have abundence and they have helped me as well,when they can. the story is right on the mark about how we are more connected to one another than the 'haves' we learn that the simple things are what really matter, and that sharing is by far the one of the 'riches' that make our lives better. the one problem that i (and other rubber tramps) have are places to park and sleep. the city allows you to sleep 'on the street' but not in your car. take time from your busy day to talk to someone who survives day to day,you'll be surprised to find they aren't much differant than you. as a homeless person i will say this giving money to us does not help, instead take the time to talk with us over a meal(even mcdonalds) make them feel loved and cared for. remember that human contact is better than $ and lasts a lot longer, not just dropping a bag of burgers to the one standing on the off ramp, you don't know they're story, do they buy drugs? booze? food? giving blindly never helped anyone. peace and love to all zeke.

December 7, 2009 at 2:01 p.m. ( | suggest removal )